We are four girls from Spain from a diverse background, in love with drawing, comics, and storytelling. We’re tired of having to adjust to male gaze so we’ve decided to create our own comics and arts with a different vision and points of view. We enjoy a wide range of genres, from romance to war thrillers and we’ll try our best to make our readers feel welcome and important 🙂


Why “pussy crazy”?

“Pussy crazy” is a pretty literal translation of the Spanish concept “loca del coño”. “Loca del coño” (or “pussy crazy/crazy in the pussy”) is something we’ve all been told at some points, sometimes in a friendly context, other times (most of them) in a derogative way, and it basically means being hysterical, obsessive, capricious, irrational and a danger to oneself, of course, it’s only directed to women. We thought that’s exactly what we want to be if being all of that means we’re standing for ourselves and deciding what we want to be and want to create.


Writer, designer, artist.


Writer, saleswoman.





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