Frequently asked questions

1.When will I get my package?

Packages are generally delivered on Saturday, you will be notified as soon as your package is sent.
Shipping takes from 4 days to a month for international orders, if you haven’t received your package after a month of receiving the delivery notice, contact us!

You can save some money by ordering different items at the same time. All products will be shipped and delivered together. If you purchase a “pre-order” item along with other products, everything will be delivered when the “pre-order” item is ready.

2.How much are the shipping costs?

 SPAIN (hasta 500gm)
Ordinario: 2,5€
Certificado: 5 €

EUROPE (up to 500gm)
Ordinary: 7€
Registered: 10€

WORLDWIDE (up to 500gm)
Ordinary: 10€
Registered: 13€

3.I don't have a PayPal account, can I pay with my credit card?

Yes! We use PayPal to process payments sent through card. You are not required to join PayPal to do this, and PayPal will not keep any sensible data. It’s an intermediary between you and us :3
You should use the “PayPal an Credit Card” option in the checkout and the click “Proceed to Paypal” You’ll be forwarded to a new page.

Click on the button that says “Pay with a card” and fill your info.

And that’s it! Happy shopping!